This is our company

The company FEIGL-Heihs GesmbH is a small company with 14 employees near Amstetten (Lower Austria). Our main business is the sale of spare parts for agricultural machinery, tractors and cars. 
Our company has been in existence for over a hundred years and - what started as a blacksmith's shop - became a locksmithery around 1960 and later developped to a machine trade shop for tractors and agricultural machinery.



In 1995, the great change happend and the machinery trade stopped. Only replacement parts were sold to the agricultural sector then.

Our product range has been expanded continuously over the years and  since 2010 we also sell spare parts for cars.

Since July 2012, we have startet a car workshop again.

And since September 2012, we are a § 57a-testing center for cars, tractors, mopeds, motorcycles and trailers.